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Join Professor Gideon T. Flummox and his friends as they put their minds to work creating inventions that help them understand the most perplexing scientific mystery of all: other people!

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In this episode, Suzie Swizzler tries to throw a party for the gang at Flummox Labs, but things don't go exactly as she expects when the party guests have trouble tuning in to the group. Click the picture above to watch for free! (You can also check out a trailer, or watch a subtitled version of the pilot.)

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“The concept of a television series that directly addresses social and emotional challenges is long overdue. Flummox and his friends will appeal to a wide audience, and at the same time serve as role models for children with social learning differences.”
Emily Rubin, MS, CCC-SLP Co-Author, the SCERTS® Model; Director, Communication Crossroads

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