About the Show


Welcome to Flummox Labs!

Flummox and Friends features three smart and quirky inventors, Professor Gideon T. Flummox and his assistants, Milo and Wanda. Many of their inventions are designed to help them overcome challenges they encounter when interacting with their neighbors: a bubbly chef and a self-absorbed adventurer.

Their inventions are well-intentioned, but often impractical or comically non-functional. When their designs fall short, the inventors and their friends come up with easier and more practical ways they—and the viewers—can navigate everyday social challenges and emotional hurdles.

Helping kids relate and connect

Social and emotional development is more than just “good manners” or being well-behaved. It’s the fundamental ability to connect with and relate to others: seeing another person’s perspective, altering one’s behavior based on the situation, drawing inferences from cues and context, even managing the expression of one’s emotions.

Starting from birth, most of us begin to learn a set of unspoken rules about how people connect and relate to each other. But this ability doesn’t always come naturally—especially to those with minds that develop differently due to autism, attention or sensory challenges, or differences that don’t necessarily have a label.

Flummox and Friends is designed to support elementary school children who experience social and emotional struggles. They may be already receiving support—inclusion, speech therapy, social skills groups—or simply fit the category of “smart but quirky”, with no real diagnosis.

The episodes and video shorts can be used either at home or in an educational setting. With curriculum goals (as well as supporting materials) developed by practicing professionals in the field of social communication, teachers and therapists can integrate videos into their existing classroom activities or therapy sessions.

Read more about the Tune In. Connect. Have Fun! curriculum and the teaching approach behind Flummox and Friends.