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Join Professor Gideon T. Flummox and his friends as they put their minds to work creating inventions that help them understand the most perplexing scientific mystery of all: other people!

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In Discuss Mode, the characters appear periodically to ask kids questions about what they’re watching.

In Discuss Mode, the characters appear periodically to ask kids questions about what they’re watching.

This is the show quirky kids—and their parents—have been waiting for! Flummox and Friends will help them learn social smarts just like Sesame Street helps kids learn the ABCs.
— Shannon Rosa, Editor, The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

Available Episodes and Shorts

Episode: The Party

Suzie Swizzler tries to throw a party for the gang at Flummox Labs, but things don’t go exactly as she expects when the party guests have trouble tuning into the group. Includes animated segments that reinforce the learning goals. (24 min) Included free with the FlummoxVision app

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Learning goals: Distinguish between “in the group” vs. “out of the group”. Show others that you’re part of the group with your body and brain. 

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Short: The Alternate Method

Milo explains how he has trouble making eye contact during conversation and Wanda proposes other ideas for how he can show he’s listening. (3 min) $1.99 via in-app purchase

Learning goals: Show others that you’re listening in conversation. Advocate for what you need to be comfortable. 

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Short: Wanda vs. Wanda vs. Wanda

Wanda is ambushed by her inner negative voice as she struggles with a difficult project. When her positive shows up to help her out, she's caught in the middle of an argument between two parts of her brain. (5 min) $1.99 via in-app purchase

Learning goals: Recognize your inner negative voice and use positive self-talk to overcome negative thoughts.

Watch a trailer for "Wanda vs. Wanda vs. "Wanda"

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